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Greetings !
Our non-profit Cancer Prevention Research Project
is intended to shed light on the root causes of cancer.
Then to share this knowledge so that more of humanity
will have the option for prevention; and - for those
who have not given up - the possibility of remission.

Much of this research will be conducted online
with your participation through this site.

This survey began online September 18, 2008 and
is open to anyone who wishes to participate -
whether you have or had cancer, or not.
Your survey response is strictly confidential
and we do NOT accept financial contributions from
individuals, pharmaceuticals or corporations.

Please click box to score your response – how you feel
personally – before worrying about how your response
might affect others or your relationship with others.

After the 20 brief multiple choice questions,
in order for your response to be included in this research,
please fill in the section at the bottom.
Especially, your survey reply cannot be used if you
do not fill in the "Cancer Status" section.

We will announce when the research findings are
completed and you may visit this site to open up
and read the findings and recommendations.

In Oneness with Unconditional Love,
The CPR Team

Please click here to complete Questionnaire


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